Swing Sets

Swing Sets For Your Kids

Swing sets are basically playground equipment that is a frame from which are suspended a number of swings. Most swing sets have two or more swings, slides and a combination of ladders for the slides. These add up to multiple features and that much more fun for your children. Most of the swing sets nowadays come in styles like a fort or a tree house and offer unlimited fun. The wide variety of swing sets available will surely allow you to find one that will fit perfectly in your back yard.

Available in various colors and choices, the most popular swing sets are the wooden ones. The wood variety is primarily made up of cedar, though usually it can vary in make and quality. The traditional swings were metal ones which are still popular and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, heights and styles. Choose the swing sets that you most prefer after carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The wooden and metal swing set's materials need to be protected painted for durability and a longer life. So, galvanization and painting of the metal swings is essential to keep them from rusting; light colored paints must be used on the metal swings since light colors do not absorb sunlight and keep the metal cool to touch. This is a much safer option. For the wooden swing sets, pressure treated woods are preferred since they keep the swing from deteriorating sooner. Plastic swing sets are also manufactured but are not much in use due to their meager strength when holding weight.

Swing sets comprise of two to four seats and the slides and ladders. Swing sets accessories include pre-drilled and sanded lumber along with the required hardware and the slides and its accessories. Commercial swing sets for use in school playgrounds, residential parks and public parks are also readily available. All swing sets are designed well so as to ensure the safety of children. According to instructions, install them over sand or pea-gravel and keep a distance of 6 feet from the walls. The best place for installing these swing sets is the backyard so that the children remain fit in the open air. They can also maintain physical fitness running up the ladders and frolicking with friends. Make sure the playing area is safe and during playtime make sure that children are always under adult supervision. Swing sets help you lure your children to the outdoors and away from sedentary lifestyles of web games and mindless television addiction!

During the process of installation and while in use, keep these pointers in mind to allow for safety of your children and the swing sets :

  • Swing sets must be installed on level ground.

  • Any obstacles like a fence or tree must not obstruct the swing set equipment at any time.

  • Most injuries to children occur when they fall off the slide or the swing, make sure you have a shock absorbing platform six feet around the swing sets.

  • Replace the set equipment as soon as you see any damage to the parts.

  • Check regularly to make sure all the various nuts and bolts are in place and tightly screwed on.

  • Children must be kept at a distance from a moving swing.

  • Do not allow children to twist the chains of the swings since this deteriorates the strength of the swing rapidly.

  • Make your children aware that getting off a moving swing is dangerous and they must avoid it all times.

  • Make sure your children wear well fitting shoes while playing particularly on slides as ill-fitting shoes are the cause of most falls.

The most maintenance free and cost effective of all swing sets are the vinyl-coated swings. These are safe and attractive and can remain so for years without the need of any maintenance. No painting, sealing or staining is required either for vinyl swing sets. Metal swing sets are also comparatively maintenance free to the wooden ones that need constant straining to avoid cracking of the wood. Metal swings also have tightly fitted nuts and bolts and can take the weight of adults as well as children and what adult doesn't like to indulge in some swing set play every once in awhile?